Brinegar Cabin Blue Ridge Parkway NC

Brinegar Cabin is a historic log cabin home located off the Blue Ridge Parkway at milepost 238; and is part of the Doughton park in Alleghany county North Carolina. Brinegar Cabin was built in 1880 on a fieldstone foundation by Martin and his wife Caroline. The 125 acre farm was purchased for $200. They built a cabin, barn , shed and spring house and cleared the sloping land for crops and livestock. The family raised crops such as buckwheat, rye, oats, corn, sorghum, poultry and livestock. Caroline spun wool, yarn and made linsey-woosley cloth with patterns. Martin earned a living as a cobbler making shoes for $1.00 per pair out of leather. The leather was bought from Wilkesboro. Caroline also gathered herbs to sell to local merchants in Jefferson and Boone.

When the Blue Ridge Parkway was developed the Brinegar Cabin was restored.